Friday, June 26, 2009

Meet Berrie

A few weeks ago I mentioned to my brother Doug that I wanted to get a cat (not thinking that he'd actually agree to getting one) and to my surprise he said YES! We got online and found the most adorable kitten ever! Unfortunately we were not able to get her until the following day so the next day my friend Bri went with me to check her out. The lady she was with had her and a few other kittens in her garage to basically fend for themselves (mommie cat had been killed by a dog) so I was glad to get her out of there. Once I got her home we gave her a much needed bath and some love. It's now been almost 3 weeks since she's been with us and has been so much fun to have around. She still gets a little scared when other people are around, but she's getting better. She loves to cuddle when she's tired and loves to play when she's not. Her name is Berrie partly because her eyes look like blueberry's and partly because my sister has a cat named Hallie....get it....Hallie Berrie. I love her!