Friday, July 30, 2010


It's been quite a while since I've posted anything, but I'm still here. I haven't worked on my photography as much as I'd like to but I do have a few to show you. More to come....hopefully not in another 4 months ;-)

At the end of May I went on a walk along the Provo River Trail and came across two ducks and I tiny tiny baby duck. It was the cutest thing. Mom was protecting baby so I didn't get any good shots, but I did get this shot of dad. So handsome!

View of Utah's gorgeous mountains

More gorgeousness. I will always love my California hills, but Utah is sure breathtaking.

At the end of June we had this awesome sunset. This was taken from my balcony.

At the beginning of July I went home for my annual Larson family camping trip to Lake Shasta (photos to come) but before we left I had a day to spend with a great friend of mine. One of our stops was to the Palace of Fine Arts. Unfortunately they are remodeling most of it so we weren't able to go inside, but just looking at it from the outside is still just as amazing to me. I can't help but think of the movie "The Rock" whenever I go there. HAHA.

Last week my cousin Lisa and I decided to go hiking to Stewart Falls. We drove up to Sundance, took the chair lift (soooo much fun!) to the top and began our hike. Anyone that knows me really well knows that I am not much of a hiker and I am DEATHLY afraid of heights. I heard from a few people that this hike was really easy so I figured non-hiker, non-heights me can totally do it. HA! Maybe easy for some but not for me. The majority of the hike to the falls was downhill along the side of the moutain AND the trail wasn't much wider than a few feet. Let me tell you if it wasn't for Lisa I probably would have quit and turned around, but I am SO glad she was there to encourage me and tell me "oh it's not much farther"! Now I'm so glad I did it and there were some amazing views but I probably won't be doing it again any time soon.
We saw a few butterflies along the hike, but none of them wanted to stop to let me take their picture except for this guy. He actually stayed for a couple minutes.

When you see this at the end it makes it all worth it.