Friday, April 1, 2011

Emily and Dustin

I've been having some technical difficulties with my blog lately and instead of patiently trying to figure them out I only last about 15 minutes until I throw my hands up in frustration, maybe say a few choice words, and move on to the next item on the agenda. Ya, I don't like it when I can't figure things out. SO I decided that instead of trying to figure it out I'd just move on with the post I've been wanting to do for months and maybe I will figure things out along the way.

My little sister Emily was married last October and I had the privilege of taking her engagement photos. At the time I was a basket case, I mean this is the photo that would be sent with their wedding invitations and it was on my shoulders to come up with something that hundreds of people would see! I look back on it now and wonder why I was so stressed, they found the perfect photo! So almost 6 months later I'm just now getting around to posting some of the photos I took of them. My bad, but in my defensive I was having a ridiculous amount of trouble with this blog (see previous paragraph).

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Happy six month (almost) anniversary Emily and Dustin!


Terri OConnor said...


Thanks for posting. You did a wonderful job. SOOOO talented

BIG B...little b and baby C said...

These turned out great! Emily is so stinking photogenic with those blue eyes and her adorable dimple!!!

The Seelys said...

love them! best engagement pictures everrrrrr.

Natalie Parks said...

So beautiful. You take great pictures. Love the one they picked for the invitation!

Chris and Jenni said...

I love them ALL! Great job Erin.

The Colledge Clan said...

Oh my goodness! Will you take my engagement (nope, done with that), wedding (oh, wait that's not possible), maternity (shoot!), newborn (crap!). Oh well, maybe you can come to her first birthday party and record it for posterity (and blackmail).