Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let's play tag...

Ok I know this isn't photography related but I've been tagged so I guess I should go along with it...

I am: Erin Christine Robinson

I have: the best parents, brother, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends in the world!

I Am: moving to Utah in 1 week!

I Think: Michael Buble has the best singing voice ever!

I Know: my Heavenly Father loves me

I Want: to be a wife and mother

I Have: a new 2008 Mazda 6

I Dislike: people that constantly make noises during movies, slow drivers in the fast lane, people that eat with their mouths open, and most of all rude inconsiderate people

I Miss: being a kid with no responsibilities

I Fear: I will never get married

I Feel: grateful for all the love and support my family has shown me throughout my life

I Smell: like Armani Diamonds

I Crave: a Domenico's sandwhich...MMMM

I Cry: at most things...I'm like my mother

I Usually: procrastinate everything

I Search: the internet for inspiration for my photography

I Wonder: where I will get a job in Utah

I Regret: not finishing college and being such a brat to my parents growing up

I Love: PUGS, the color green, LOST, rain, thunder, my new car, diamonds, movies, Michael Buble (yes I'm obsessed with him), New York, Chicago, San Francisco, sleeping, trying new restaurants, looking at old photo albums....

I Care: about what people think of me

I Always: listen to instrumental music or nature sounds while I sleep

I Worry: about Janet- my co-worker who is in the hospital

I Am Not: a Democrat

I Remember: phone numbers after hearing them only once or twice

I Believe: laughter is sometimes the best medicine

I Dance: when no one is watching

I Don't Always: believe in myself

I Argue: only when I know I'm right

I Write: "To Do" lists every day but never complete them

I Win: at Scrabble against certain people

I Lose: at Scrabble against certain people

I Wish: Obama would just go away!

I Listen: to Michael Buble constantly

I Don't Understand: politics

I Can Usually Be Found: at work, at home or in my car (ya I have no life)

I Am Scared: of heights. If I am not driving and we are going by cliffs I will close my eyes and not look or sometimes even cry

I Need: to learn Photoshop

I Forget: to take my vitamins

I Am: Happy

I tag: Randi Spears and Paige Cordon


Randena Michelle said...

I was unaware that I'd been tagged! I'll get on this pronto. I need to learn photoshop too, we should learn together!

Chris and Jenni said...

I love your "I Am". And I love the Mazda 6! Lucky. What color? I wish Obama would go away too!