Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 Reasons why I LOVE my Mom!

1. She is beautiful both inside and out.

2. She is always up for an adventure and is always willing to try new things or travel to new places.

3. She is devoted to her family

4. She loves and values family traditions

5. She is hard working

6. She is wise and always knows what to say at the right moment

7. She can laugh at herself and is always fun to be around

8. She will be an amazing grandmother someday

9. She is the most loving, understanding and patient person I know

10. She has 3 pretty awesome kids. If it wasn't for her (and of course you too dad) we wouldn't be who we are today. And also because she gave me my brother and sister and I love her for that

(haha this was the only picture I could find of the three of us!)
I LOVE you Mom! Happy Mother's Day!

I also wanted to say a few things about my Aunt Jackie who I would also consider my second mother. She has lived next door to my family for almost 20 years now (I think) and I have loved every moment of it. I know I can go to her for support, advice, friendship and love without any feelings of judgement.

Thank you Jackie for everything you've done for me, my family and our extended family. Thank you for all the wonderful memories you've shared with us. We love you and appreciate everything you've done for us!!


Chris and Jenni said...

I love your Mom and Jackie too. They are equally good Aunts!

Sarah Smith said...

Oh my goodness, Lenny! I can't decide which picture I love best... the peace sign eye or the one with the enormous pumpkin! Love love love her <3

Anonymous said...

Erin! I've been waiting and waiting for a new blog and then you do this wonderful one. Thank you for the kind words. It is a blessing that I've gotten to live next to all you Robinson's. Thank you. Love Jackie

Natalie Parks said...

Oh! I love your mom too, she is the best! What a sweet post, she must love this. And I'm glad you've gotten to live next to Jackie too, she is so great. I love all the pictures too.

I've decided you need to do much more postings, even if they're not photography related. I want to know all about your life please! Do it do it do it!

Bradley and Jackie said... sweet. I love that BW pic of your mom, so funny. You're lucky to have a mom like her. Great post.

Jessie Smith said...

I love your mom! #9 is so true.... she always put up with me and my annoying "do you know what?!" I have never met a more patient person.
# 11 should be - She is the best cook ever!

miss aubrey said...

I love your momma! She's the best.